Gulguli to disown Veer in Ghulaam


Rangeela has come back in the haveli. Gulguli gets to know Veer has kidnapped Choudhary. She asks Veer to apologize to his dad. Veer refuses to apologize. Gulguli beats up Veer. She asks him to leave from the house. Gulguli has kicked out Veer from the house. She is ashamed to have a son like Veer. She recalls the bad time she has gone through in Choudhary’s absence. She decides to disown Veer. Maldawali and Jageer happily dance on this miracle. Jageer is happy that Veer is going out of the house. Maldawali says new ways got open now, you can wear masculine clothes now and send away Veer. He says yes, I don’t need to wear feminine clothes anymore, I will humiliate Veer now.

Maldawali always loved Rangeela. She always wished Rangeela to come back. Choudhary has got Rangeela back to the haveli. Since she heard that Rangeela is Choudhary’s son, she got more after him. She is happy seeing her dream coming true. Shivani does not get an entry in haveli. Rangeela comes to stay in haveli. Maldawali flirts with Rangeela. Jageer gets back to his old avatar.


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