Shweta throws a challenge for Avni in Naamkarann


Avni tries to mend her relations with Shweta. She is making a new start. Shweta gets glad seeing Avni bringing sweets for her. She asks Avni what does she want. Avni asks can we start our relation fresh, I know we did not get along well, you don’t like me, I did many mistakes till now. Shweta says you married Neil by cheat and did mistake, its easy to start a new thing, but mending old things is tough, are you ready to work hard. Avni agrees.

Shweta gives her a chance and says fine, we will start our new relation. She keeps a condition and says I know you want to start Saas bahu story, but first you have to start your and Neil’s love story, you have to convince Neil for coming on honeymoon. Avni gets this tough task. Avni does not want to go on honeymoon. She gets uncomfortable hearing this. Shweta says I want Neil and your relation to go ahead, I want you guys to have a happy married life, I want your relation to become beautiful. Avni gets surprised seeing Shweta’s intentions. Shweta clears to Avni that she wants Neil’s happiness.


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