Union time for Rajvanshi brothers in Udaan


Chakor and Imli are troubled seeing Suraj and Vivaan’s fights on little things. Chakor and Imli make a plan and lock Suraj and Vivaan in a room. Chakor asks Suraj not to fight with Vivaan, you get friendly with him, forget all bitterness, else this door will not open. They have taken this responsibility to end their annoyance. Imli says end the annoyance completely, else this door won’t open. Suraj and Vivaan call for help. Chakor and Imli don’t open the door. Imli says Chakor’s decision is final.

Suraj and Vivaan get into a fight. Suraj says you hate everything, you have learnt from mum’s womb how to snatch people’s happiness and give them sorrow. They get into a heated argument. Suraj says I don’t hate anyone like you, your blood is bad. They beat each other. Suraj points gun at him. Chakor and Vivaan come inside the room and stop them. Imli says Suraj can’t do this with Vivaan. Suraj says either of us will be alive now. Chakor controls Suraj. Chakor gives them a lecture. Suraj and Vivaan hug and laugh. Chakor says it means you guys were fooling us. Imli says I m glad brothers are together, and now happiness will come in our lives. She happily hugs Chakor.


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