Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mr. Bhalla meets Raman in the lockup. He tells Raman about Shagun escaping to save her life. He assures Raman that he will keep him informed and free him soon. Raman is glad that Shagun is safe. Adi and Bala meet the truck driver and learn about the man dropping Shagun to the hospital. The man gives them details of the hospital. Aaliya gets restless knowing about Shagun. Mihika consoles Aaliya. She wants to clear things by Shagun herself. She asks Aaliya not to spoil her terms with Adi. Aaliya thinks Adi is finding Shagun to save Raman. Adi panics on not finding Shagun. Bala and Adi find Shagun, who is in critical state in the hospital. Doctor tells them about Shagun.


Bebe asks Avni to give proof of her innocence and shut everyone’s mouths. Riya defends Avni to fool her. Avni does not fall in Riya’s words. Neil thinks of finding the truth. He does not want to go home. DD asks Neil to understand Avni. Avni asks DD to help him. DD asks Neil to find clues and know the matter well. Neil stays jealous and angry. Aman shows his belief in Avni, which makes her glad. Neil asks Riya to meet him. He asks her not to tell anyone about it. Riya promises Avni that she will get Neil. Avni and DD try to find how everyone got home at the same time. She finds out that Riya has sent Neil at home by mocking an emergency. Neil gets drunk and confesses his love to her.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Indrani does not accept defeat. She tells her sisters that she has mortgaged the haveli. She still hopes that her second option can save her. Advay also understands that Indrani will not lose so soon. Everyone gets emotional thinking they will be losing their home. Chandni has belief that Lord will help them. Indrani gets Advay home. He gets hurt by Chandni. Indrani defends Chandni and apologizes to him. She tells Chandni that Advay has bought their house and now he will be staying with them.


Shivay sends Omkara to stop Gauri and others at the door. Omkara does not let Gauri enter the room. Gauri tries to spy on him. Omkara lies that he is busy in work. Bhavya questions Omkara on the work which they all are doing. Omkara says we are making Rudra work. Omkara acts sweet to Anika and asks her not to shower questions on him, he will send Shivay to talk to her. Bhavya finds the matter serious. Their lies make Anika worry. Shivay asks Omkara why did he lie about his health. Shivay attends Anika and shows his attitude to keep her at bay. Anika gets doubtful of their activity.


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