Aman to reveal Neil-Avni’s marriage truth in Naamkarann


Neil’s doubt hurts Avni. She decides to leave the house to save her self esteem. Avni realizes her feelings for Neil. She feels Neil can never doubt on her, he will surely trust her. Neil misses Avni and sheds tears. Avni and Neil go through a heart aching phase. Aman gets a shock reading the news about Riya and Neil’s affair. Bebe and Shweta too get a huge shock knowing this shameful thing. Prakash worries for Avni. Aman gets angry on Riya. Bebe does not believe Riya and shows her the news. Prakash says someone is spreading the rumors to defame Neil and Riya. Bebe feels Riya has done this to get Neil. Riya asks them to stop blaming her. Riya gets into an argument with Neil’s family.

Avni gets divorce papers and signs without a second thought. She wants to free Neil from the unwanted bond. Riya defends herself and puts the blame on Neil. Bebe reprimands Riya, who speaks out the truth of Neil and her broken marriage. Bebe did not know this truth. Avni asks Neela to manage Aman, while she goes away. Neela asks her not to take any wrong decision. Avni takes the decision to leave from the city and get away from all relations. Aman asks Riya to tell complete truth to Bebe, how Dayavanti has used Riya to get Neil’s property, while Avni has married Neil to help him. He tells Bebe that Riya has run away from the marriage and left Neil alone in the mandap.

Bebe learns the entire truth. Prakash says the truth can’t help them, as their bahu has left them. Neil comes and counters Shweta for pointing finger at Avni’s character. He asks the family did they ask him before jumping to conclusions. He tells them that it was his plan to get his affair news published, so that he could prove Avni’s innocence. Avni gets away from Neil’s life, while Neil makes efforts to find her.



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