Bhavya finds an evidence against Ragini in Ishqbaaz


Bhavya finds Ragini’s truth. She informs Anika and Gauri about it. Bhavya gets the proof against Ragini. She shows the photo to Anika. She asks her to see the photos carefully. Anika asks what’s in it. Bhavya shows the guy beside Ragini is Siddharth, the photo is uploaded two years before. She says Ragini lied to Shivay that Siddharth is still torturing her, but he is actually out in India. Bhavya finds Siddharth’s truth and says he is still in US, case is not so simple as it looks, he has settled in US. Ragini acts to be hurt to get Shivay’s affection.

Anika says it means Siddharth is not with Ragini, she is very clever and made this story to get Shivay’s sympathy. Bhavya helps Anika know Ragini’s true intentions. Anika goes to drag Ragini out of the house. She wants to get real proof before telling Shivay, knowing he will not believe her. Shivay finds Anika worried and asks her the matter. Ragini asks Shivay to see how Anika is behaving with her. Ragini makes new plans to get close to Shivay. She shows Siddharth’s threatening messages to him again and again. Shivay asks Anika not to make Ragini leave. Anika wants to protect Shivay. Bhavya stops Anika from telling the matter. Anika will not leave Ragini.


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