High Five Spoilers

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Sasural Simar Ka: Sanjana is using Anjali’s tricks to trouble her. She follows Anjali’s orders. Anjali asks the family to have food soon, else they have to stay hungry for the entire day. She asks Simar to serve the food to her. Sanjana tells Sameer about her fast for his long life. She asks him to come to temple, as she will be waiting for him to come and break her fast. Sanjana show she is better than Anjali, as she loves Sameer by heart. She tells him the importance for the fast. Sanjana says Anjali will not know about such things, as she has no time for others.


Avni and Neil’s romance will be seen. Avni meets him to give him the tiffin. Neil likes the food made by Neela. Avni was angry and did not wish to give him food. Neela has insisted and sent her. Neil asks Avni to have the food. She tells Neil not to expect anything from her, Neela is a big drama queen and has sent the food for him. Neil plans a surprise for her. She says I don’t like this curry. He says I will not let you stay hungry and orders food for her. He orders Poha for her. She gets excited seeing her favorite Poha. He got the Poha from Ali’s cafe. He has a motive and wants to know if she has feelings for Ali.


Choudhary has accepting Rangeela as his son. He is rectifying his mistake. He welcomes Rangeela’s mum. He accepts her as his wife and gets her Grah pravesh done by Gulguli’s hand. Gulguli has to obey Choudhary against her will. She is helpless to accept her Sautan. She can’t raise a voice over her husband. Maldawali does the aarti happily. She is glad that Rangeela has returned to the haveli. Rangeela’s mum hits the kalash, which hurts Gulguli. Gulguli gets angry, while Choudhary does not care for this small thing. He hugs Rangeela and asks him to take everything in his hands now.


Bhavya finds Ragini’s truth. She informs Anika and Gauri about it. Bhavya gets the proof against Ragini. She shows the photo to Anika. She asks her to see the photos carefully. Anika asks what’s in it. Bhavya shows the guy beside Ragini is Siddharth, the photo is uploaded two years before. She says Ragini lied to Shivay that Siddharth is still torturing her, but he is actually out in India. Bhavya finds Siddharth’s truth and says he is still in US, case is not so simple as it looks, he has settled in US. Ragini acts to be hurt to get Shivay’s affection.


Bhaiya ji meets Imli. He apologizes to Imli. She tells him about Vivaan and her terms spoiling by some matter. She says you may have come to meet Vivaan, he does not stay here now, he stays in guest room. Bhaiya ji says I know Vivaan does not stay here, I came to meet you, not Vivaan. He is happy that his grandson is coming. He says I have organized a havan and bhoj in the temple, I m really happy to welcome the new member of this family. She does not trust him. She says I know you don’t do anything without a reason, tell me what work do you have. He says I just want my family to be together, and just you can bring everyone together. He wants a united family.


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