Ishita struggles to get Raman’s bail in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Shagun eagerly waits for meeting Ashok. She asks nurse to call Ashok soon. Aaliya tries to comfort Shagun, who gets panicking. Aaliya helps Shagun. Shagun’s state makes everyone worry. Adi tells Bala that Raman was worried about Aaliya and his relation, so he went to speak to Mani. He feels guilty for all the mishappenings. Bala decides to take Shagun to Bhalla house. He asks Aaliya to do a favor and pack Shagun’s stuff. Bala hopes Kiran gets Raman’s bail done soon. Ishita struggles to get Raman free. She tells the inspector about Shagun’s partial amnesia. She asks him to let Raman support Shagun and help her regain her memory, just Raman can take care of her as the doctor has suggested this too.

She asks inspector to help them reach truth and get justice for Mani’s murderer. She asks for Raman’s one month bail. Inspector permits the bail. The family gets glad knowing Raman and Shagun are coming home. Mihika hopes Shagun’s memory comes back, else they can’t find the culprit. Mihika, Aaliya and Ruhi pack Ishita’s stuff from the house. They do the changes to show Raman and Shagun’s married life. Ishita convinces Raman to act along so that Shagun can regain her memory soon.


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