Oberois’ dilemma over the baby continues in Ishqbaaz


Gauri is glad that her mum came home to stay with her, but does not want Omkara to see her. She does not want her mum to know Omkara and her relation truth. Jhanvi asks Omkara about their important work keeping the brothers busy. Omkara does not tell anything. Gauri does not let Omkara enter her room again. Omkara makes him tangled in her talk. Omkara tells her that he has to get fresh.

Rudra gets occupied because of the baby. Bhavya tries to know about his secret. She knew Rudra can’t stay away from the dumbbells. She asks him to speak out what he is is hiding. Rudra gets tensed to reply him. Rudra asks Shivay to feed the baby. Bhavya, Anika and Gauri try to spy on them, and wait for any one of them to leave from the room. Shivay learns about the girls spying. Ragini makes an entry and gets spotted by the girls. Ragini gets fooled and thinks Shivay is gifting her something. Shivay asks Rudra to the parcel by hiding. Tej feels Shwetlana left the surprise gift for her. They get mistaken about the parcel for the baby. Anika fools Ragini and takes the parcel from her.

Ragini asks Anika not to get over friendly and helpful. Anika gets upset knowing Shivay got the gift for her. Anika lies that its actually for her. Ragini argues with Anika. Omkara meets Gauri’s mum. He manages the matter and shows his good terms with Gauri. Gauri gets surprised. Omkara asks her to be with Gauri, as she gets bored at home. Omkara’s humbleness impresses Gauri. Omkara tells Gauri that mum is always a mum, and she does not need to thank him for respecting her mum. Shivay manages the baby. Omkara makes Shivay dance for the baby. Shivay’s unseen light side in the Junglee song is seen.


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