KaiRa to share ray of hope in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik and Naira to unite

Kartik does not have hope that things will get fine. Naira tells him that they can handle the sensitive matter well. She does not want any of the family members to get hurt. Naira and Kartik become each other’s strength. They cheer each other and give new hope. Kartik and Naira have some peaceful moments of togetherness. Meanwhile, Naksh tells everyone that he has to go and meet a client, which is much important for his hotel. Naira worries for his wound. Naitik allows Naksh to go. They all feel Naksh doesn’t know the matter. Naitik does not want to pressurize Naksh. Kirti gets hurt seeing the family worry. She feels responsible for making everyone upset.

Naksh goes to drop Naira home. Naira hides the matter from him. Manish is in two minds about getting related to Singhanias again. He feels Kirti won’t adjust there. Dadi tells him that Singhanias is a good family, and much familiar to them. Kirti goes away from the house and leaves a message for everyone, asking them to forget the matter and not blame Naira for anything. Kirti tries to ease the problem. Naira comes home, while Dadi blames her for Kirti’s leaving. Dadi yells on Naira unnecessarily. Naksh spots Kirti and gets her back home.


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