Sanjana’s belief to change Sameer in Sasural Simar Ka


Sanjana is using Anjali’s tricks to trouble her. She follows Anjali’s orders. Anjali asks the family to have food soon, else they have to stay hungry for the entire day. She asks Simar to serve the food to her. Sanjana tells Sameer about her fast for his long life. She asks him to come to temple, as she will be waiting for him to come and break her fast. Sanjana show she is better than Anjali, as she loves Sameer by heart. She tells him the importance for the fast. Sanjana says Anjali will not know about such things, as she has no time for others.

Sanjana stumbles. Sameer holds her before she falls. They have a moment. Sanjana’s simplicity and goodness affects him. Sanjana shows belief in Sameer. Anjali gets angry on Sanjana. Later, Sanjana comes to stay with Sameer. She gets her things in Sameer’s room, while Anjali stops her. Sanjana says I will stay here at any cost. Anjali falls down while stopping her. Sanjana says I can’t help you, as I m a servant. Anjali takes her help and gets speechless.


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