Aditya and Jhanvi to marry in Woh Apna Sa


Aditya’s parents believe Jhanvi has taken the right step, else Nisha would have hurt her daughters. They try to make Jhanvi forget the matter and support her. Jhanvi’s mum gives her approval for the marriage. She does not have courage to talk to Jhanvi, as Nisha is still in hospital. Babasa believes Nisha is herself responsible for her state, Lord is punishing her for her bad deeds, Nisha wants a property share and they can solve this matter once Nisha gets fine. Kakasa’s truth does not get exposed.

Kakasa asks Aditya why is Jhanvi donating blood for Nisha. Aditya says we are not like Nisha, we will do anything to save her. Kakasa feels proud of Aditya, who does good to others and did not change even when Nisha was trying to harm the daughters. He says you got a life partner like you. He controls anger and acts good to Aditya. Jhanvi accepts she has shot Nisha in self defense but feels guilty. Aditya asks her not to blame herself. She feels terrible to do such a crime. Aditya pacifies Jhanvi explaining what could happen if Nisha did not get shot.

Aditya and Jhanvi’s marriage gets fixed. She gets a shagun sign from the Lord. The sindoor gets on her forehead when she fell in a dilemma. She understands the sign from the Lord and finally gave her nod for marriage. Aditya gets very happy. The wedding track will have lots of drama. Jhanvi gets a bad dream and gets terrified. She cries and is disturbed that she has shot Nisha.



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