Love-poison test for Sanjana in Sasural Simar Ka


Sanjana gets admitted in the hospital. She has consumed poison when Sameer asks her to drink poison if she loves him. He was testing her love and thought she will not drink poison. He gets a shock when he sees Sanjana drinking the poison. Sanjana lands in hospital after agreeing to Sameer’s bad wish. Simar and entire family get worried for Sanjana. Police asks Sanjana if she has drunk poison by her wish or did anyone force her. She takes Sameer’s side and saves him. She tells police that she has drunk the poison by her wish. She does not give statement against Sameer. Sameer feels Sanjana is so good. Simar tells him that this is the difference between Anjali and Sanjana. Sameer realizes they are saying true.

Mata ji says you did not value her, and insulted her love, you made me risk her life and even then she has saved your life, you maybe surprised seeing her true love, you can buy a bed by money, but not a peaceful sleep, you can buy crowd by money, but not a family like us. Simar tells Sameer that anyone can become life partner, but just one supports you. She asks him to think who is his life partner, Anjali or Sanjana. Sameer goes to pay hospital bills, but none accepts his help. Sameer apologizes to Sanjana. She forgives him. Everyone hopes Sameer changes into a better person.


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