Naksh-Kirti’s marriage on the cards in Yeh Rishta…


Naira defends Naksh when Dadi blames her and Naksh for Kirti’s state. Naira tells Dadi that Naksh did not even know the matter, then how is he responsible for breaking Kirti’s heart. Dadi yells on Naira. Naksh gets Kirti back home. He tells everyone that he knew the matter as he heard them yesterday. Naksh is not fully convinced. Naksh is in dilemma but thinks of Naira’s happiness. He tells Dadi that he also feels what Kirti feels for him, he loves Kirti and wants to marry her. He thinks his decision can bring peace in relations. Kirti gets too much happy hearing his golden words. Kirti was waiting to know Naksh’s feelings.

Naksh accepts the relation and changes Kirti’s life. Kirti gets her love. Dadi starts crying happily. Manish and Suwarna too get happy. Manish consoles Dadi. Kartik happily hugs Kirti. Goenka family wanted Kirti’s life to get settled. They were not able to see Kirti lonely and sad. Dadi wards off bad sight from Kirti. Manish asks Kirti if she is happy with this. Kirti gets shy and runs to her room. Kirti is ready to become bride again. The good news brought much happiness for the family. Dadi blesses Naksh and Kirti.


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