Naksh to sacrifice his happiness in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh humiliates Kartik: Suwarna revolts

Naira tells Dadi that she wanted to see a right time and talk to Naksh, as he met with an accident. She does not wish to Naksh to give any wrong answer in tension. She asks Dadi to believe in her, she is not wrong. Everyone supports Naira in her decision, while Dadi holds Naira responsible for everything. Naira tells Dadi that Kirti and Naksh are important to her, and their happiness matters a lot to her. Dadi asks Naira to get Kirti back. Naksh meets Naira and tells them that he has heard them yesterday. Naira realizes this matter was the reason of Naksh’s accident. Naira tells Kartik that Naksh heard everything and met with an accident in tension. She feels upset. Kartik consoles Naira. She wants to stop everyone from getting hurt. Manish feels Naira did not do any mistake. He tells Dadi that Naksh did not feel the matter right. He asks Dadi not to pressurize Naira or her family for the alliance.

Naksh gets Kirti home, finding her alone on the road. Naksh tells them that he has got Kirti here to end all the misunderstandings. He fears for Naira and Kartik’s marriage. He lies to everyone and tells them that she has mutual feelings for Kirti. He accepts Kirti’s alliance, surprising the Goenkas. Naira feels something is not falling in place. She doubts Naksh to be taking the decision under some pressure. Naira tries asking Naksh if he is being true to himself and others. Naksh does not reveal anything to her. Naksh does not love Kirti. He lied to everyone to make things easy for Naira. He makes a sacrifice for Kartik and Naira’s happiness. Dadi asks Naira to manage all the marriage functions. She asks her to explain her family about doing everything well.



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