Shivay mocks romance to divert Anika in Ishqbaaz


Omkara and Rudra get into an argument over managing the baby. Rudra says I m doing all duties of mum and dad. Omkara asks him who is managing the baby right now. They feel that Shivay does not help them. They count their deeds and gets into a dramatic act. Omkarra consoles the baby till Shivay comes. Gauri enters the room, while Omkara hides on time. He wonders how to take the baby by hiding from the girls. Anika asks Shivay to make sweets for entire family. Shivay makes excuses to take the milk for the baby. Omkara drops the baby in laundry basket and keeps with Shivay in the kitchen. Anika wonders why is laundry basket kept in kitchen and takes the clothes for washing. Omkara’s good behavior makes him earn a place in Gauri’s heart again.

Omkara asks Shivay about the laundry basket. Shivay forgets what Omkara told him. He tells Omkara that Anika took the laundry basket. Shivay and Omru rush to stop Anika from putting basket contents in the machine. Rudra worries for the baby and saves him in nick of time. He makes excuses to stop Anika. Shivay tricks Anika by his romantic talk. Rudra takes the baby while Shivay keeps Anika busy. Anika thinks what happened to Shivay that he is behaving so strange. Shivay asks her to help him in making sweets. Rudra gets away. Anika understands he was diverting her mind from some topic. The girls spy on them to know their secret.


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