Advay attempts to change Chandni’s decision in Iss Pyaar ko 3


Chandni gets a proposal from richie rich guy Pratham. Advay makes fun of the guy, who just measures every emotion by money. Advay asks Chandni if this is her choice, why does the guy’s money matter to her, as if she is fixing a price for herself. Advay thinks to change Chandni’s kundli by some way, so that Chandi and Pratham’s kundli does not match. Advay takes Murli’s help. Advay helps Chandni and tries to change her mind. She does not like taking his help. Advay stops the kundli match. Chandni tries to fail Advay’s plans. Advay gets Chandni’s kundli and feels he is the real Rahu of her kundli.

Pandit tells everyone about Chandni’s kundli dosh. He tells them that Chandni and Pratham’s marriage can’t happen. Shakun tells Indrani that someone ha changed Chandni’s kundli. Indrani loses a good proposal for Chandni. Chandni feels Indrani’s heart will break. Pratham likes Chandni and doesn’t like to go. His mum insists him to forget Chandni. Advay becomes a barrier between Pratham and Chandni. Pratham gets mesmerized seeing Chandni and suggests the family should find some mid way for getting rid of her kundli dosh. Advay still gets troubled by the bitter past flashes. Advay gets on his plan to win Chandni’s heart.


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