Baisa gets against Dadi’s plans in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi does tilak rasam with Naksh. There will be marriage functions seen again. The wedding tracks are always grand and long running in the show. Naira does Naksh’s aarti and welcomes him for Tilak. Dadi gifts Naksh. Dadi starts impressing Naksh. She wants him to be happy, even if there is any doubt in his mind. Naksh is doing everything for Naira’s happiness. He has proved he is an ideal brother. Everyone showers rose petals on Naksh. Kirti is very happy. Dadi hurries to get them married. Kartik tries bringing Kirti and Naksh together in the dance. Naksh gets pampered by Singhanias. Dadi gets the marriage mahurat, that is within a month. She tells the mahurat to Naira and asks her not to say against.

Lav and Kush ask them to keep marriage soon, as their exams are coming. Kartik scolds the kids and sends them. Dadi pressurizes Kirti and asks her to think if she wants to marry in a month or after one year. Kirti was not ready to marry so soon. Kirti gets emotionally blackmailed by Dadi. She asks Dadi to do what she wants. Naksh hides what’s going on in his heart. Naksh thinks to handle the things well. Kirti gives her nod for marriage. Dadi happily hugs Kirti. Kirti and Naksh agreed to marry soon. Manish and everyone congratulate the couple. Baisa still have to give her approval for the marriage. Baisa gets angry with Naksh for his decision. The marriage will not happen with much ease. Baisa and Dadi’s clashes will be seen in the marriage.

Later, Kartik finds the kids upset. Kartik does sit ups and feeds sweets to Lav and Kush to get their forgiveness. The naughty kids don’t forgive him and make him do more sit ups. Kartik keeps saying sorry to them. They say Kartik has hurt their heart. Naira gets Lav and Kush’s favorite snacks sent by her family, and wins their heart. Kartik asks the kids what did he do, he asked the kids to be quiet and away from elders’ conversation. The kids apologize to him and run away. Naira and Kartik feed sweets to each other. Kirti thanks Naira for all her efforts. Naira says I did not do anything, its all your good fate. Kartik hugs Kirti and is happy for her.


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