Aru attempts to follow the customs in Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage


Aru feels hungry, but does not eat the food. She waits for Mukhi. Raniben asks Aru not to have food till Mukhi comes. Aru serves the food for herself in the plate. Raniben says you are innocent, you were namesake couple before, but now you both have accepted each other as husband and wife by heart, so you have to keep all customs and increase love by having food together. Mukhi comes after three hours.

Aru gets angry on him and shouts if this is the time to come home. Mukhi asks her why did she wait for him, he has already had food outside. Aru gets much angry. She says you could have told me to have food by making a call, I m sitting hungry and was waiting for you. He asks why. She says I m your wife, its wife’s duty to wait for husband for dinner like its your duty to inform wife. He says I m not habitual to all this. She says I m trying to become your wife, you should also set your mind now, get habitual, you are married now, but any bachelor to roam like and there. Saanvi takes Aru’s side and says it was Mukhi’s responsibility to inform Aru. She asks him to apologize to Aru. Mukhi apologizes to Aru.


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