Bhaiya ji’s motives get revealed in Udaan


Bhaiya ji is very happy with Suraj. Bhaiya ji gifts his ancestral watch to Suraj. He wants all his family members to be together so that his image in politics can get better. Suraj gets happiness by the gift. Bhaiya ji is making Suraj stand in the elections instead him. He wants to win people’s love and trust using Suraj’s heroic image.

Suraj meets Chakor. He asks her to wait for him, he has some work. He wants to take her for a movie. Chakor says Imli’s godh bharai is in evening, I m busy and can’t come for movie. He says Vivaan is my younger brother, he is becoming a father so soon, we are attending his wife;s Godh bharai, and we did not even marry till now, its so shameful, you are a wild cat and does not know romancing like humans, you are really zero in romance. Chakor gets worries seeing their photos. She gets into an argument with Suraj. Suraj plans a romantic date with Chakor.

Meanwhile, Imli is annoyed with Vivaan. Vivaan tries to get her forgiveness. She says Suraj and Bhaiya ji wants me to forgive you, why shall I agree. He says its good that everyone is wishing good for us, maybe your anger is because of mood swings. She gets angry on him. She gives him a task and says think this teddy is a small baby, who is crying a lot, now calm the baby and show me. She beats Vivaan and cries. Her heart is wishing to make things fine, while her mind is holding anger till now. Vivaan consoles her and knows she will forgive him soon.


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