Oberois welcome the baby in family in Ishqbaaz


Anika tells everyone that the baby is suspected to be either of the three brothers. Ragini gets revengeful against Anika, who spoiled her plan once again. Samar stops Ragini from her madness. He does not want Ragini to hurt herself. She wants Shivay’s love at any cost. She is tired of upsetting Samar. Samar consoles her. Everyone asks about the baby’s father. Shivay tells them that baby is an Oberoi, its their responsibility. He asks them why are they arguing and blaming each other if they are not asking them to face this problem. He wants to face the problem maturely and united. The brothers stop the doctor from getting baby’s blood. They cancel the DNA test. The brothers decide to raise the baby together.

Omkara calls the baby lucky to have three dads. They all accept the baby in their lives, and start spending time openly. Jhanvi feels someone is trying to kill her. Tej asks her not to think all this. Jhanvi does not doubt on Tej’s plans. She gets unwell. Gauri asks maid to take care of Jhanvi. Pinky insults Gauri. She feels the house has bad fate to get poor bahus. She expresses her dislike to Gauri. Gauri tells Pinky that she can leave from Omkara’s life to give him happiness. Pinky finds her similar to Anika. Pinky tells Gauri that Omkara will never accept her as wife. Gauri gets disheartened.


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