Bhavya’s heroic act surprises all in Ishqbaaz


The goons come to take Pari. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra try to fight with the goons. The goons tie the brothers. Anika comes there and asks the goons to kill her instead Shivay. Shivay says if you touch Anika, I will kill you, better leave her and kill me. Anika asks Shivay to be quiet and let her talk. Both the married couples want to take problem on their heads. Gauri asks the goons to shoot her instead Omkara. Omkara and Rudra ask them to leave everyone and kill them. The brothers were coming in front of each other to get beaten up by the goons. Their love is seen again. The goons beat them up.

Shivay shouts on the goons. Rudra says I m single, better shoot me, let my brothers be happy in their married lives. Goons get troubled and tell them that they have come to take the baby, not them. Everyone tries to save each other and come ahead to sacrifice their life. The goons look for the baby. Bhavya makes an entry and begs to the goons to leave everyone. She deceives the goons by her helpless woman drama. Bhavya finds a chance to fight back. She then starts beating the goons. Anika and Gauri hurriedly free Shivay, Omkara and Gauri. Shivay realizes Anika still loves him. Bhavya proves she is a super cop. All the goons run away. Baby stays fine with Oberois. Rudra feels proud of Bhavya. Rudra and Bhavya share a sweet moment.


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