Gauri to turn Omkara’s inspiration in Ishqbaaz


Gauri’s mum is worried that Gauri is not educated. Pinky insults Gauri and her mum again and again, to make them feel guilty. She tells them that they don’t belong to Oberoi mansion. Omkara praises Gauri in front of her mum. He tells them that Gauri is just different than others, but she is not less than anyone. Omkara values Gauri, which pleases her mum. Gauri feels thankful to Omkara. Omkara gets a call from art gallery. Omkara does not want to called an artist now. He refuses to their offer. The gallery manager personally comes to meet Omkara and hands over an advance cheque to him. Omkara sticks to his decision and refuses for the offer.

Gauri witnesses Omkara refusing for his dream project. She asks Omkara what’s the reason of his sadness. Omkara does not have any inspiration. He tries to make a painting, but fails. Gauri inspires him and tells him that he made a real to life sketch of her mum. Omkara sees his old drawings and recalls the past. He shares his artistic experiences with Gauri. Gauri understands Omkara’s real happiness is in his art. Gauri will be seen supporting Omkara.


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