Happiness, celebrations and mystery follows in Udaan


Tejaswini gets Suraj’s proposal for Chakor. Suraj makes Chakor wear the bangles. Tejaswini gives the shagun chunri to Chakor. Tejaswini congratulates Bhuvan and Kasturi as well. Chakor and Suraj’s relation will be forming back. Everyone blesses the couple. Chakor looks lost. She is going Delhi where Bhaiya ji has sent the village kids to make them bandhua. She wants to see if Bhaiya ji is upto something again. Bhaiya ji stops Chakor from going Delhi and seeing kids. He sends Tejaswini with shagun to limit Chakor in the village. Chakor gets much happy and surprised by the unplanned Roka.

Tejaswini calls Suraj lucky to get Chakor. Chakor and Suraj share an eyelock. Chakor’s worry was spoiling her happiness. She does not think Bhaiya ji changed. She wants to know why is Bhaiya ji doing all this. She knows Bhaiya ji is a not lesser than a devil. Imli has forgiven Vivaan and got him to the room, to show how she has decorated the room for the baby. Imli tells him that she will always be with him in happiness and sorrow. Vivaan gets much glad and thanks her. Vivaan promises Imli that he will not let their child know their mistakes done in the past. They make promises to each other.

Imli’s godh bharai function will be seen. Suraj and Vivaan dance with their partners. Bhaiya ji’s family celebrates happiness. They all look forward to welcome the new member in their family. They have a happy moment after long time. Bhaiya ji does not want Suraj and Chakor to remarry. He knows Chakor will not let Suraj fulfill his motives. He finds ways to separate Suraj and Chakor. Chakor will try to find Bhaiya ji’s real motives.


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