Oberois bid farewell to their little angel in Ishqbaaz


Everyone sings for the baby after naming her Pari. Police comes to Oberoi mansion and gets along baby’s family. The Oberois get upset when baby’s mum turns up home to take the baby. The lady tells them that she was Rudra’s college mate and knew Oberois well. She she got cheated by her boyfriend and was afraid to tell anyone about the baby. She wanted her daughter to get some security. She tells them that her family was not accepting the baby and her heart was not agreeing to drop the baby to the orphanage, so she has left baby outside Oberoi mansion. She takes the baby from them.

The baby cries a lot to get away from Shivay. She holds Shivay’s finger. Shivay sheds tears and hugs the baby again. The brothers got much attached with the baby. The lady thanks them for taking care of her daughter. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra dance for the baby and bid farewell. They start missing their angel. The baby made them dance a lot till now. Her memories make them cry. Shivay consoles his brothers. The elders get relieved that the baby did not belong to any of the Oberoi sons.


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