Aditya leaves a scary impression on Kirti in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh and Kirti’s marriage preparations begin. They go for their marriage shopping, along with the family. Gayu asks Kirti did she like anything. Kirti says yes, Naksh has helped me and I chose this dress. Everyone supports them. The designers get confused about them. Designer says we got a call and have to hurry for the grand marriage of Goenkas’ daughter. Designers guess its someone else’s marriage, and ask Kirti about Mansi, who is very young for marriage. Designer says I remember I have designed bridal lahenga for Kirti as well, how is Aditya, we will design something color coordinating for Kirti and Aditya.

Naksh sees Kirti getting upset. He says I will clear your confusion, Kirti and Aditya got separated, they are divorced, Kirti and I are marrying, not Mansi, you design clothes for us, I hope you don’t have any problem. Naksh stands with Kirti and saves her from embarrassment. Kartik asks them to come for lunch if they are done with shopping. He suggests they will go home. Naksh apologizes as he had meeting. Naira says we will go Krishna, Kirti can see your hotel and you can do your work. Aditya makes an entry there and asks Kirti if she started marriage shopping. Kartik warns Aditya to stay away. Aditya wishes Kirti all the happiness and congratulates her for moving on. He leaves acting cheerful. Naira consoles Kirti. Kirti’s fear still stays. She says Aditya will not leave without harming me, he will do something, I feel scared even by his shadow. Kartik says he won’t do anything. Aditya then does something scare Kirti and ruin her happiness.


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