Ali fears to lose Avni in Naamkarann

avni ali

Neil has sworn to make Avni his wife by heart. He can’t see her going away. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Ali sees Neil’s love for Avni and gets raging in anger fire. He could not see their union. Ali gets mistaken about them and goes away with a broken heart. She fears to lose Avni. Avni and Neil get into an argument. She tells him that she knows he is that wrong type of guy. They have a sweet moment.

They tease each other. She was trapped by his prank first, and then thinks to play a prank on him. She plays the pregnancy prank and scares him out. Neil tells her that he does not want any little Tillu so soon. He says maybe you are that type of girl, you had high fever, I was just being with you to care for you. Avni likes him giving the clarifications. She asks him not to be shy now and accept whatever happened, he should just welcome his little Tillu. Neil swears he was just joking. A sweet moment follows.


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