Ashok warns Ishita against Shagun’s change in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok tells Shagun that he can do anything for her. Shagun argues with him about his low financial status. They end up fighting. Raman enjoys seeing their fight. Shagun asks Ashok to find his own way, than staying in her inlaws house. Raman shares the good news with Ishita. Shagun takes Raman’s side and wants to stay with him, as long as Raman has success and money on his side. Ashok understands Ishita and Raman planned all this. He thinks of failing their plan. He asks Shagun to think well, Raman loves Ishita now and will not keep the marriage.

Shagun asks him not to make her insecure. She believes Raman is mad about her. She tells Ashok that she can get Raman anytime. Ishita suggests Raman to spend time with Shagun and help her recall things about Mani. Raman does not want to stay with Shagun to win her trust. Shagun takes Ashok’s challenge for wooing Raman. Ashok feels insulted by her words. He thinks to be back with his new plan. Ashok warns Ishita against her clever tricks. He tells Ishita that he worries for Shagun. He asks her to think if Shagun will snatch Raman from her. He wishes Ishita all the best for losing Raman to his ex wife.


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