Naksh to stand by Kirti in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik wants Naksh and Kirti to marry later, while Naira does not support him. Naira demands him to fulfill her demands, else she will go on hunger strike. Kartik sees the candles lit in the room and asks her what’s this. He does not agree to her. She shows the cute sign boards and apologizes to him. She asks him to please agree and not be angry. Naira knows he will not agree by some easy way. She confesses love to him. Kartik does not listen to her and goes. Naira tries some dresses in the designer boutique.

Kartik hides and watches Naira taking selfies. She sends her pictures to Kartik and says now he will surely come and that too he will apologize to me. He gets a smile on his face seeing her. She acts and asks him to go, he is really busy in work, why did he leave work and come. Kartik asks her not to act smart, he knows she has done this to call him here. Naira tells him that she is doing everything to end his annoyance, he is really a rude guy. She asks him to go for his work, as work is worship. They have a moment. Aditya meets Kirti when she was leaving with Naksh. Her happiness drains on seeing Aditya. Naksh gets angry and holds himself to not create any scene in public. Kirti tells Naksh that Aditya will not sit quiet, he is planning something to back stab them, he is evil minded. Naira, Kartik, Naksh and Gayu pacify her. Naksh asks Kirti not to be scared as he is with her now. Kartik feels relieved seeing Kirti having Naksh on her side.


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