Bhaiya ji attempts to break Sukor in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor’s engagement day finally comes. Chakor and her family come to haveli for the engagement and greet everyone. She meets Suraj and blinds him by her beauty. Suraj is too happy to get her back in his life. Chakor and Suraj exchange rings. Everyone is happy for them. Chakor disappears from the engagement function, leaving Suraj shocked and fuming. Bhaiya ji has played this game to send off Chakor from the haveli, knowing she is soft hearted and will run for anyone who is calling her for help.

While everyone does the puja, Chakor leaves from there. Suraj calls her and gets her number switched off. He says I dislike this about her, she does not know which thing to do first, there is no meaning of priority in her life, engagement will complete only after Shiv puja, if she does not do the rituals, what will I do. Imli and Vivaan explain him that Chakor maybe in trouble and send him to help Chakor.


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