Nisha to create chaos again in Woh Apna Sa


Aditya and Jhanvi come together for getting married. They both look adorable with real happiness on their face. Aditya holds her hand and begins the rituals of the marriage. Aditya and Jhanvi take the wedding rounds. They get married by everyone’s blessings. Aditya fills sindoor in her hairline. He makes her promises of securing her from every problem and always being with him.

Jhanvi and Aditya become a happily married couple. Before they could celebrate their togetherness, Nisha makes an entry to stop their new journey. Nisha has come out of coma. He ruins their happiness. Aditya was hoping his life will go ahead. Nisha comes home to trouble them. Nisha acts to lose partial memory and just remember her happy days with her husband Aditya. She just drama to get back in Aditya’s life. Aditya finds it tough to believe Nisha’s memory loss, but Jhanvi falls in the trap. Jhanvi will be moving out of Aditya’s house and give her place to Nisha to help her recover her memory. Jhanvi wants to get rid of the guilt and stays nice to Nisha. Nisha will be creating chaos in their lives.


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