Ali’s surprise plan backfires in Naamkarann


Avni gets a letter. She thinks Neil is calling her. She happily goes out in rain just to meet Neil. Ali plans a special meet with Avni, but she thinks Neil has done this. Avni looks for Neil. She gets surprised seeing the special arrangements done by Ali for her. Avni likes the pleasant surprise. Neil waits for Avni. Neil and Avni fight on their unplanned date. Neil thinks Avni has planned all the surprise elements for him.

He says this honeymoon is a drama, why are you doing this, what will we do for Bebe, she will ask us to celebrate anniversary after a year, how long will we do this acting, family can ask us to give them an heir, they would express wish to play with our children, we can’t continue this drama, we both know our relation is not true. Avni does not know Ali decorated the place and has sent the letter for her. Avni was thinking Neil called her. She gets hurt by Neil’s words and cries. She leaves from the place, while Neil feels hurt to be harsh towards her.


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