Shivay gets hint about Anika’s big step in Ishqbaaz


Omkara gets mesmerized seeing Gauri. Gauri’s new stunning avatar makes Omkara fall for her. Gauri looks stylish to look an Oberoi bahu. She wants to inspire Omkara. She does this to awaken the artist in Omkara. She wants Omkara to get back to his arts, which gives him ultimate happiness. Omkara and Gauri’s journey has been good, but they could not accept each other till now. Omkara had changed to angry young man, after getting deceived. He was not finding any inspiration and lost the artistic side.

Gauri wants him to forget anger and bitterness. Omkara and Gauri have feelings for each other, but are unsure of it. They don’t express love. On the other hand, Shivay realizes Anika had left him for some big reason, and asks Anika to tell him what was the reason that made him take that step. Anika gets speechless. She does not answer him. Shivay understands she is hiding something. He tries to find the truth from Omkara, Rudra, Pinky and Tia. He realizes Anika is not able to tell him the matter, as its all connected with his family. Anika does not want Shivay to shatter knowing his illegitimate birth truth. She does not wish his trust on Pinky to break.


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