Naksh’s tilak rasam to have dramatic twists in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik thanks Naksh for supporting Kirti. Naksh asks him not to thank him for being sensible. Naira suggests they should go Krishna for lunch. Kirti gets jitters seeing Aditya. Naksh supports Kirti again. Kartik and Naira protect Kirti. Aditya congratulates Kirti for moving on and marrying Naksh. Kirti fears Aditya will do something, as his nature is not so good to wish someone a better future. Gayu says maybe Aditya really meant this. Kirti tells that they will not tell anyone about Aditya. Naksh selects jewelry for Kirti. Everyone cares for Kirti.

Naksh wishes Akshara blesses him in keeping everyone happy. Dadi does not want anything wrong to happen. Dadi can’t tolerate any abshagun in Kirti’s marriage. Dadi clarifies Naira that her intentions are always good, but she sounds bitter. Naitik and family cheer up Naksh. Kirti gets under confident by Aditya’s discouraging words. Kartik pacifies Kirti. He asks her not to be scared of anyone and be confident. He wishes her the best in life. Bhabhimaa tells everyone that Naira can’t come for Tilak rasam. Naksh wants Naira to come in his tilak rasam. She tells Naksh about Dadi’s decision to do rituals by their way. She misunderstands Dadi and promises of attending his Tilak.

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Image credit: Twitter pages of Mohsin Khan and SRKCHENNAIFC


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