Shagun gets close to regain memory in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun keeps an eye on Raman and Ishita. She sees them leaving together for office. She follows them to get a clue of their activities. Adi feels bad and misses Mani. He asks Nikhil to come home and cheer up Aaliya. Nikhil refuses to Adi. Adi requests him. Nikhil asks Adi not to insult him again. He stays miffed with Adi. Adi promises none will insult him. Nikhil does not listen to him. Adi worries for Aaliya’s breaking emotional state. Adi wants Aaliya to stay happy.

Adi thinks of meeting Nikhil and convincing him. Ruhi asks Adi not to worry for Aaliya. She tells him that she will meet Nikhil and bring him here. Ishita realizes Shagun is following her, and works out her plan to make Shagun recall her past life. Raman and Ishita reach Mani’s place. Shagun comes there following them. She gets stressed thinking of Mani. Shagun collapses. Raman and Ishita get her to the hospital. Ishita tells Raman that it was her plan to get Shagun there. They hope Shagun recalls something. Raman fears for Shagun’s well being. Shagun recalls Mani’s murder in semi conscious state and then forgets everything when she comes to senses.


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