Udaan – Tough choice for Chakor


Bhaiya ji keeps a condition in front of Chakor. He asks her to choose her love Suraj or the freedom of all villagers. He asks Chakor to think well and decide soon. Chakor decides to leave Suraj, to get freedom for everyone. Chakor comes back to haveli. Suraj asks her where was she, does she not value his love or atleast this Shiv puja. He tells her that all guests who came to bless them have left. He asks her to come for puja atleast now and complete it. Chakor refuses for the puja.

Chakor couldn’t meet Suraj’s eyes. She tells him that she does not want to marry him. Suraj asks her the reason. She returns him the engagement ring. He asks her to answer him. She tells him that she is totally fine and took this decision on her own. Suraj does not understand why she is behaving so. He gets a huge shock. He says you were very happy for our engagement. His heart gets broken. Bhaiya ji has played this game to separate them. Suraj demands an answer.

Chakor tells she does not want to have any relation with him, as she hates Bhaiya ji. She says you are Bhaiya ji’s son, I can’t love you, I can’t marry you. She could not tell Suraj that Bhaiya ji is blackmailing her. She tells Suraj that his love is not enough to make her forget her strong hatred for Bhaiya ji. She says I could not forget how Bhaiya ji tortured all of us since childhood, I can’t become bahu of this haveli. Tejaswini and Imli try to convince Chakor. Chakor stays firm on her decision. Bhaiya ji has kidnapped some village kids to blackmail Chakor. He thanks Lord for making him win and get rid of Chakor forever.


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