Advay to expose Pratham’s truth in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3

iss pyaar

Advay wants to scare Chandni more to break her down. But, he can’t see anyone disrespecting Chandni. Pratham invites Chandni for a date. Pratham takes Chandni out. Her fear stops her from stepping out of the house. She feels its a challenge for her. Chandni gains strength from Dev’s memories. She loves Dev. She sees the stone gifted by Dev. She does not know Advay is following her. She falls down. Advay asks her what is she doing on the ground. She tells him that she is not any fallen type girl, she was just resting as she likes.

Advay and Chandni’s romance will be seen. Chandni gets scared to go out of the house. She covers her fall by excuses. They have a nok jhok like usual. Advay asks her why is she posing such, he may teach her better poses. He teaches her some romantic poses. Pratham is planning to cheat Chandni. Advay keeps Pratham away from Chandni. Pratham and Chandni’s marriage functions will be having many twists. Advay will be exposing Pratham’s true face and end the alliance.


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