Anjali to get humiliated in Sasural Simar Ka


Roshni tells everyone that Anjali has cheated the family and took the property from them. Anjali angrily spikes the drinks to teach lesson to Roshni. Roshni and Ananya get drunk and dance in the party. They both slap Anjali while dancing. Anjali’s plans get spoiled. She gets insulted by them. They laugh on Anjali. Roshni and Ananya take revenge from Anjali. Anjali’s happiness gets down. Anjali gets trapped as Piyush buys the property. Piyush becomes the new house owner. Anjali hands over the papers to Piyush.

Anjali has fed wine to Roshni and Ananya to take revenge and know planning of Bharadwaj family. Roshni and Ananya go out of control. The family members get them to the room and stop them from talking to Anjali. Roshni and Ananya do weird things in front of Mata ji and Simar. Piyush suggests they should get lemon water for them. Roshni and Ananya come to senses after having lemon water. Roshni says my head is aching a lot, did I do anything wrong. Ananya and Roshni apologize to Mata ji and Simar. Simar says its fine, we will think how did this happen, but first we have to be alert and counter Anjali. Mata ji says Anjali can do anything for property, we have to be ready to answer her.


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