Twists in Teej celebrations next in Woh Apna Sa


Aditya and Jhanvi celebrate Teej together. Nisha tries to create a hurdle. Aditya gifts bangles to Jhanvi. He asks Jhanvi not to be sad on such an auspicious occasion. He cheers her up. He is hiding from Nisha. Nisha sees them together and asks Aditya what is he doing with Jhanvi. Nisha gets bangles and asks Aditya to select the bangles for her. Aditya does not want to pity on Nisha. Jhanvi wanted to be with Nisha, as Nisha was shot by her.

Jhanvi genuinely wants to help Nisha gain her memory. Nisha asks Jhanvi who is her husband, why is he not here. Jhanvi gets sad. Nisha has done a big drama to show that she has changed. Aditya shouts on her to clear that she is not his wife anymore. Nisha is acting to lose memory. She tells everyone that she does not know her children. Nisha says I m much excited for my first Teej. Aditya does not know what to do. Jhanvi’s sacrifice troubles the family. Nisha acts unwell to get Aditya’s support. Nisha is best to win everyone’s sympathy and have a new life.


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