Tejaswini falls in Bhaiya ji’s innocent act in Udaan


Suraj is broken after Chakor left him. Suraj is getting mad in frustration. Suraj tells Tejaswini that Chakor can’t refuse to him this now. He has decided to end all her memories. He says when Chakor is not with me, what’s the need of all this, I will ruin everything that reminds me of Chakor. Imli and Tejaswini worry for him. Suraj vents out his anger. He says I have just two ways, to either kill myself or Chakor, I can’t stay live without her and Chakor doesn’t want to live with me, what can I do now, she always promises me but breaks promises in the final moment. Tejaswini stops Suraj.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini meet Chakor and get shagun for her. Tejaswini says I m glad Chakor agreed to meet me. Bhaiya ji threatens Chakor and makes her refuse to the alliance. Bhaiya ji meets Chakor and asks Tejaswini to wait outside the house. He takes the shagun for Chakor to show Tejaswini. Chakor asks him why did he get shagun, she has done as he told her, then why is he doing all this. He asks her not to worry, kids are fine. She asks him to release the kids. He says you know what to do now. Chakor throws the shagun and asks them not to try convincing her again. She says I will not become bahu of Rajvanshi family, and this is my final decision. Imli knows the reason behind Chakor’s behavior. Tejaswini feels bad and does not understand why Chakor is doing this. Tejaswini wants Chakor and Suraj to unite. Chakor has to get away from Suraj, because of Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that he has tried a lot, but Chakor does not seem to change her mind.


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