Ali to counter Shweta’s evil plans in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni are fighting for Ali’s friendship. They both want first right on Ali. Ali feels bad to cheat then. Ali’s hand gets hurt. Avni applies the ointment to Ali’s hand. Neil worries for Ali. He tells Avni that Ali is his best friend. Avni says Ali is my childhood friend, and he is mine first. They cutely fight. Ali feels he should not do anything wrong with them, as they deserve to be happy. Later, Ali and Shweta have a confrontation. Ali gets angry on her for planning against Avni. He asks her how did she think she will ruin Avni’s life and he will support her in this cheap work. He says if Neil knows your plannings, he will be deeply hurt, atleast think for Neil and accept Avni. Shweta does not like Avni.

Shweta is playing this game to separate Neil and Avni. She wanted to bring Avni and Ali closer to create misunderstandings. Ali refuses to become part of her dirty plans.. Shweta says I know you can fall to any level to get Avni. Ali says I was wrong to think Avni loves me, but I know Avni loves Neil, and now I will not let anyone come between her happiness. Ali does a good friend’s duty. He hides Shweta’s truth from Neil and Avni. He asks Shweta to stop playing such tricks.


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