Vikram’s entry to add up confusion in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay’s love fights always go on. Anika’s fake fiance will be entering the show. Rich businessman Vikram Aditya makes an appearance at Oberoi mansion. Anika and Shivay have an argument. Their distance gets increased. Vikram’s entry will be changing their lives. Vikram is invited by Shivay. Shivay wanted to meet him to know who is Anika’s king of heart. Anika gets a shock seeing Vikram. Vikram gets mesmerized seeing Anika. His closeness irks Anika. Vikram thanks Shivay for inviting him home. Shivay was thinking Anika was joking and wanted to double check about her statement.

Vikram says I met Anika after a long time, just because of you, I did not see such a cool man till now, you called your ex wife’s fiance home for a meet up, seriously I m thankful to you for arranging this meeting. Shivay gets a shock realizing Vikram is really Anika’s fiance. Vikram says you are really commendable. Shivay makes a leave after getting speechless.

Anika asks Shivay about his marriage with Ragini, as he declared about it some days back. Shivay asks her about Vikram. He says if you did not do all that day, we would have been happily married, you came back after three months and told me about your engagement, you want to marry, I don’t want to move on and marry. He says I asked you again and again, what’s the reason for that behavior, you did not answer me, whatever is happening, its just you behind this, you are doing all this, I haven’t done anything. Anika decides to marry Vikram to answer Shivay. Shivay gets upset with her decision.


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