Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka: Simar gets arrested. Piyush and Sanjana ask inspector not to take Simar, she is innocent. Piyush asks police to give them some time to prove the truth. Inspector says we got a complaint filed by Sameer, Simar has shot her daughter, we have come to arrest Simar. Sameer tells Simar that she has shot her daughter, the gun was in her hand and she has fired the bullet. Simar feels guilty.



Naina and Kunal’s haldi function is celebrate. Meghna and Sharda are happy. All the rituals are done. Naina’s Maayka family is given much respect by Chauhan family. Meghna and Naina are worried, as Meghna has to attend Karan’s haldi as well. Sharda asks Meghna not to worry for things here and go to Chauhan house to do bahu’s duty. Nandkishore creates a scene and says this ritual is for Bhabhi and Devar, Bhabhi is like a mum, who wards off bad sight from Devar, but where is Meghna, maybe she does not think she is part of our family, she forgot Bhabhi’s duty and went to do sister’s duty, maybe she went to her Maayka. He asks Bau ji what does he have to say now.


Suraj meets Chakor at her house. He feels love for her, knowing her truth from Vivaan. Suraj got to know she is innocent. Suraj stays with her and helps her out in work. They have a cute nok jhok. Chakor gets annoyed with him. She refuses to take his support. Suraj hugs her. He feels someone is keeping an eye on them. He scolds her and asks her to leave from his life, but not blame his father. He says if I have to choose between you and my dad, I will choose my dad, he gave me a life and everything. Suraj does drama and asks her what did she give him till now, except sorrow. Suraj plays a game with her. Chakor gets sad. Suraj leaves from there.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni is marrying Aman, but she loves Parth. Parth explains Teni to move on in life. Teni’s new journey is starting. Parth wishes her all the best. Teni sheds tears and feels tough to forget Parth. She regards Parth as her soul mate. Parth knows Teni’s feelings. Teni recalls their first meet and their journey which made them get a nameless relation, whose price was fixed by Parth. She says I don’t want any money now, I have got everything, but all my happiness have gone, I have got a loving life partner, but I feel like I m losing everything today. Parth handles the situation maturely. He tells her that her relation with him and Shorvori will always be there, they are indebted to her. She asks him why is he so good. She hugs Parth and cries. Parth takes her to mandap.


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