Happy time: Suraj and Chakor to finally unite forever in Udaan


Suraj meets Chakor at her house. He feels love for her, knowing her truth from Vivaan. Suraj got to know she is innocent. Suraj stays with her and helps her out in work. They have a cute nok jhok. Chakor gets annoyed with him. She refuses to take his support. Suraj hugs her. He feels someone is keeping an eye on them. He scolds her and asks her to leave from his life, but not blame his father. He says if I have to choose between you and my dad, I will choose my dad, he gave me a life and everything. Suraj does drama and asks her what did she give him till now, except sorrow. Suraj plays a game with her. Chakor gets sad. Suraj leaves from there.

Suraj plans his move along with Vivaan. Suraj plays smartly. He organizes an honor ceremony for Bhaiya ji in front of the villagers. He invites Chakor. He makes Chakor pay honor to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets much glad seeing his victory in front of him in the form of Suraj. Suraj makes him feel proud for a moment. Suraj says every child thinks to give happiness to his father, and every father thinks of giving happiness to children, children have hope from his father, you all would also think this when you have sent your kids to Delhi for training and education, you all thought their future will be bright, you all know what Bhaiya ji, he has tried to snatch our happiness, he has kidnapped the children, he has threatened Chakor and stopped her from marrying me, he asked Chakor to either choose me and our happiness, or your kids and their future.

Suraj tells the villagers that Chakor has sacrificed her happiness to save their kids. Bhaiya ji’s truth gets exposed. He gets angry and threatens everyone that their kids will be dead in some time. Suraj tells them that he has thought this would happen. Vivaan gets the kids from Delhi. Bhaiya ji angers on Vivaan. The villagers stop Bhaiya ji from his devilish act. Bhuvan and everyone bless Chakor. They all request Chakor to accept Suraj. Chakor and Suraj’s misunderstandings get cleared. Suraj confesses his love and proposes her. Suraj has got the kids back to village safely. Chakor hugs Suraj. Everyone claps for them. Suraj got his love finally. All the walls between them posted by Bhaiya ji got away. Suraj and Chakor get happy to be together. Chakor leaves. Suraj says she has run away, but this time I will cage her in my love. Everyone laughs and bless happiness for the couple.


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