Shivay to decide Anika-Vikram’s marriage in Ishqbaaz


There is an interesting twist coming up in Ishqbaaz. Anika was making stories about Vikram. She gets a shock seeing Vikram in front of her. Shivay welcomes Vikram. He says Anika just talks about you all the time. Vikram says about whom else will she talk, she is my fiancee. Anika gets worried by Vikram’s drama. Shivay invited Vikram, but did not know Vikram will really claim to be Anika’s fiance. Shivay was expecting Anika’s lie to come out. Vikram holds Anika close. Shivay gets uneasy seeing them. Shivay and Anika blame each other in anger. Shivay wants to know if there is really anything between Anika and Vikram, if they are really going to marry.

Shivay organizes a dinner with Anika and Vikram. Anika and Vikram get prepared to lie to him. They have a candle light dinner. Shivay wants to know the real situation. He says I don’t have any idea what Anika did after divorce, so tell me how your love story started. Vikram does not know what to say. Anika talks of true love. She says sometimes story’s beginning is not remembered and just ending stays in mind. Shivay understands she is saying about their love story’s ending. He says true love never ends. Vikram looks at their arguments. Anika does not want to tell Shivay anything about her new relation. She asks how does it matter how Vikram and I met, what matters is we both met. Vikram agrees.

Shivay says you don’t want to talk about your past. He wants to find truth from both of them. He asks her to at least tell about future, when is she marrying, what’s the marriage date. Anika says we did not decide when to marry, we marry today, tomorrow or next year, why do you care. Shivay says its better if I fix any wedding date, there is nothing to get angry, I asked about marriage, not breaking marriage. He asks Vikram till when are you in Mumbai.

Vikram answers I m here for two weeks. Shivay says then its great, you guys marry within two weeks, I will do all the arrangements, time is less, but don’t worry, I m there, your wedding planner, Anika did all arrangements in my marriage, I will return the favor. He has some plan in mind. Anika says you look more hurrying than us, if you want this, then this will happen. Shivay wants Anika to accept the truth. Meanwhile, Rudra finds Bhavya upset with him. He gets a coffee for her and asks her to sweetly accept it. Bhavya asks him about his girlfriends. He asks her to say about her past, if she had any boyfriend. Bhavya does not tell him about her past. They have a moment.


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