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    Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

    Naamkarann: Avni and Neil have a moment, when they express their feelings. Neil assures her that he will never let her heart break. Avni thanks him for everything. Neil finds it enough that she is wearing the mangalsutra of his name. Neil is happy that Avni is wishing to become part of his family. Avni tells Prakash that Shweta wants Bebe’s blessings, that’s her only wish which did not get fulfilled. She suggests Prakash and Shweta should marry again and with Bebe’s blessings. Neil finds it interesting to dance in his parents’ baraat. Neil and Avni divide the teams and argue. Neela joins Avni to help her out. Neela gets the pandit. On the other hand, Dayavanti gets ill treated in the jail. She fights with the lady. She makes new enemies. Dayavanti does not like to lose in life. She shows attitude. The jail inmates beat her up.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman doubts that Adi maybe involved in Mani’s murder. Ishita tells inspector that Ashok is playing some game, but there is no proof against him. Inspector tells him that whoever the culprit is, they just want to fool him and lay a trap. Ishita thinks to find out who is behind the murder.

    Ruhi panics on knowing about Raman’s arrest. Adi asks her to wait till Ishita comes. Ishita lies to them that police refused to release Raman. Ruhi is sure that Raman is innocent. Ishita tries to keep the family members emotionally strong. She makes the family have food. She lies to Shagun that Raman has gone abroad for a meeting. Shagun believes Ishita, as she has saved her life.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira is worried by the choice given to her by Dadi. She shares the matter with Kartik. He wants to talk to Dadi. She asks him not to get involved. She just lightens her heart. She is sure that Dadi will agree to her if she explains her. Kartik fears that he will lose out the relation while fulfilling all the responsibilities. Naira explains him that marriage means thinking about the families as well. She asks him not to expect simple life, there will be ups and downs, they have to keep up their love life happy. Naitik clears out to Baisa about rituals. He asks her not to trouble Goenkas by making such rituals. Baisa gets upset with him. Everyone hopes Kirti adjusts in their house soon.


    Shivay makes Aloo puri for Anika to know the matter. Rudra leaks the partial truth about Anika stopping them from saying truth to Shivay. Shivay is sure that Anika will tell him everything soon. He finds a way to make Anika speak out the truth. He adds bhaang in her food. He asks her to share things and atleast trust him rather than hiding the matter. Anika asks him to have food along. Shivay expects her to say truth under the effect of bhaang. Shivay too eats the same food. They both have some crazy fun time and dance in such state. After Shivika’s romance, there comes an emotional moment. Shivay asks Anika to tell him why she left him. Anika feels Shivay can’t handle the truth, which is too bitter to accept.


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