Teni’s heartbreak and marriage in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni is marrying Aman, but she loves Parth. Parth explains Teni to move on in life. Teni’s new journey is starting. Parth wishes her all the best. Teni sheds tears and feels tough to forget Parth. She regards Parth as her soul mate. Parth knows Teni’s feelings. Teni recalls their first meet and their journey which made them get a nameless relation, whose price was fixed by Parth. She says I don’t want any money now, I have got everything, but all my happiness have gone, I have got a loving life partner, but I feel like I m losing everything today. Parth handles the situation maturely. He tells her that her relation with him and Shorvori will always be there, they are indebted to her.

She asks him why is he so good. She hugs Parth and cries. Parth takes her to mandap. Teni keeps eyeing Parth till they part ways. Teni feels sorrowful to get away from Parth. She doesn’t feel any happiness to step into her new life. Teni wishes something happens that she gets Parth. Teni confesses everything to Parth. Parth tries to bring a smile on her face. Parth tells her that Aman’s baraat has reached the door. He compliments Teni for looking so gorgeous. He wipes her tears. Teni still has confusion about Aman, but she completely trusts Parth. She is going to marry Aman on Parth’s saying. He tells her that their friendship will always stay. Teni made a special place in his heart.


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