YRKKH: Harry and Sejal meet the Goenkas


Naira is worried by the choice given to her by Dadi. She shares the matter with Kartik. He wants to talk to Dadi. She asks him not to get involved. She just lightens her heart. She is sure that Dadi will agree to her if she explains her. Kartik fears that he will lose out the relation while fulfilling all the responsibilities. Naira explains him that marriage means thinking about the families as well. She asks him not to expect simple life, there will be ups and downs, they have to keep up their love life happy. Naitik clears out to Baisa about rituals. He asks her not to trouble Goenkas by making such rituals. Baisa gets upset with him. Everyone hopes Kirti adjusts in their house soon.

Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to get special ring for Kirti and Naksh. Kartik realizes his ring is missing. Kartik looks for his ring. Kirti asks Naira to always be there as a rising hope in her life. Kartik hides about the ring misplacement from Naira. Naksh feels pressurized by everyone’s expectations. He worries that he will ruin everything. Naitik explains Naksh that everything is going well between both families. He feels Naksh likes Kirti. He asks him to fulfill responsibility towards Kirti. Naksh gets hopeful that his marriage will be successful if he really puts efforts in working it out. Naira promises Dadi that she will manage all the work. Kartik and Naira give a surprise to Kirti. SRK as Harry comes to grace the occasion. Harry and Sejal help Kartik in finding his ring.


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