Anika senses danger clouding over Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Anika feels restless and too worried for Shivay. She senses Shivay is in danger. She runs around to find him. She asks Omkara where is Shivay. Omkara consoles her. Anika asks him to call Shivay. Omkara calls Shivay, but fails to reach him. Anika asks him to keep trying. She worries more. Omkara says maybe Shivay is driving, he will call back. He asks her to relax. Shivay’s car blasts, but Shivay gets saved being away from the car at that time. Anika gets a relief knowing Shivay is fine.

Shivay starts Anika’s marriage arrangements. Anika gets a shock seeing jewelry and bridal accessories kept in the room. She realizes Shivay has done all the shopping exclusive for her. She is worried and thinks how to tell Shivay that her small lie is not true. Shivay is planning Anika’s marriage with Vikram. She is emotionally hurt that Shivay does not trust her. Shivay has the same problem irking him. He also wants Anika to trust him and not keep any secrets between them. Anika is getting trapped in her own plan. She has lied to Shivay about Vikram. She does not want to marry Vikram. She tells Bhavya that its her mistake, but Shivay should understand her, how could he think she wants to marry someone else. She accepts her mistake.

Bhavya asks her to be strong. She advises Anika to tell the truth to Shivay. Shivay knows Anika is lying and want to hear it from her. On the other hand, Bhavya explains Rudra that she is finding a big criminal, she does not want Rudra’s life to fall in danger. She tells Rudra that the gangster has killed her parents and she wants to catch him at any cost. Rudra tells her that he just wants to help her and be her support all the time. Bhavya asks him to realize the dangers. She wants him to be safe and away from her mission. Bhavya asks Rudra to cooperate with her by not interfering in her work.


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