Mohan exposes Kalki’s truth in Devanshi


Mohan has found out Devanshi/Kalki’s truth. He happens to search for some clue in Kalki’s room. He gets to see Ishwar’s photo in the cupboard. He realizes Kalki is Devanshi, who is ruining them. Devanshi has punished Menka. She was targeting Mohan and Kusum next. Mohan tells Kusum that Kalki is fooling them, she is Devanshi. Kusum asks Mohan not to leave Devanshi. Mohan exposes Devanshi’s truth to the family. Mohan tries to disrespect Devanshi, taking advantage of Vardaan and Pavan’s absence.

Devanshi felt she has exposed Kusum, but Kusum failed her plan. Mohan tells everyone that Devanshi has come back to take revenge from them, and today he will not leave her. Bhupi and Nutan ask Mohan to leave Devanshi. Mohan tries to misbehave with her. Devanshi turns bold, and tells them that she is not helpless Devanshi now, she is Kalyug’s Kalki. Devanshi beats up Mohan. Vardaan and Pavan will be coming to the temple and save Devanshi from Kusum and Mohan.


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